Our Values

We pride ourselves on specific values and behaviors that contribute to our culture.


    We value the contribution each of us makes; we respect each other’s time, and we listen not just with the ears but with the heart.


    We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, objectivity, and confidentiality.

    Passion & Energy

    We bring enthusiasm, passion and positive energy towards building an enriched workplace.


    We encourage a variety of opinions and diversity of viewpoints. We create an inclusive environment for people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

    Continous Improvement

    We encourage new ways of doing things, strive to continuously develop ourselves and make improvements in the approaches to our work.


    We work together in highest spirit of cooperation, understanding, and empathy.

Make a great career choice by working with us!

Experience actual, on-the-ground impact

We are biased towards working closely on the ground with clients and partner organizations. We go beyond merely providing an advisory report to our clients. The results of our work are therefore tangibly visible–and hence that much more gratifying for our employees. The result: a passionate workforce excited to get on to the next assignment!

An array of projects with global exposure

With MSC, you will have a chance to work on the big problems of today alongside teams from across the world. We work on diverse projects around the globe, covering a variety of areas in social, economic, and financial inclusion, and beyond.

Travel and see the your work come to life

We offer our consultants the chance to travel to distant places to see the impact our interventions on the ground. We create professionals who can reach our markets to solve problems better.

Everyone is a leader

No matter where you are in the team, at MSC, you will be encouraged to take up positions of leadership. We provide constant opportunities to develop the skills you need to lead and drive initiatives in a consistent manner.

We value relationships

We place immense value on our people and the professional relationships that they nurture at MSC. Our employee-friendly environment reflects the highest standards of ethics and professional conduct, and thrives on a spirit of collaboration.

Staff quotes
TVS Ravi
Sr Manager
Edward Obiko
Nancy Kiarie