Signature Projects

Financial Literacy Toolbox to build the skills of SMEs in Kenya and Tanzania

MSC was engaged to enhance the credit or investment readiness of agricultural SMEs for Finance Alliance for Sustainable Trade (FAST) in Kenya and Tanzania. MSC developed a Financial Literacy Toolbox (the FLTBX) to train agri-entrepreneurs on financial management, accounting, costing, risk management, financing, and debt finance in practice. By the end of 2018, over 2,000 entrepreneurs from the agriculture and services sectors in sub-Saharan Africa had been trained using the FLTBX.

DBT in Education: A study on the delivery of in-kind benefits to government school students in UP, India

Direct Benefits Transfer (DBT) in Education is a study that MSC conducted on the delivery of in-kind benefits to government school students in Uttar Pradesh. It builds an understanding of how to improve existing processes through digitization, automation, and digital authentication. MSC studied the processes for all in-kind transfer programs and presented findings and recommendations to the respective education departments and policymakers in the state. The initiative will have a positive impact on 16.4 million students.

Developing education finance products for Faulu

MSC supported Faulu Microfinance Bank when Faulu wanted to improve access to quality education for low and middle-income households. MSC supported Faulu in terms of strategic planning, market research, product development, and business intelligence reporting. MSC supported training initiatives for Faulu MFB. The engagement resulted in Faulu MFB refining its products and developing institutional capacity. Faulu grew its educational finance portfolio with over 7% of the institution’s retail, individual, and SME portfolio focused on education as on September 2018.

Digital and financial literacy for refugees and host communities in Tanzania

Alongside Arifu and Fundación Capital, MSC received a contract from UNCDF to develop and pilot-test financial literacy programs for refugees in the oldest refugee camp in Tanzania, Nyarugusu. UNCDF piloted a program on refugee financial inclusion, within which MSC developed and tested digital and financial literacy programs for refugees. The program is slated for scale-up between 2018 and 2019, within which over 30,000 refugees and hosts would access the content to enhance their financial capabilities.

Financial education pilot for smallholder farmers in Kenya

Umati Capital contracted MSC to develop and deliver financial literacy training through digital media to the smallholder farmers in formal agri-value chains in Kenya. MSC worked alongside Arifu to develop the content and delivery methods. By the end of the pilot, one-third of the smallholder farmer members of Umati Capital had received training through the in-person and the SMS based financial education modules.

Financial education and business development services training in Papua New Guinea

ADB commissioned MSC to implement the Microfinance Expansion Project (MEP) in Papua New Guinea. MSC delivered training courses to address the low levels of financial literacy, business development, and management skills among clients and potential clients of MFIs. By the end of our involvement, about 390,000 households had active deposit accounts, while over 70,000 households had active loan accounts.