Signature Projects

The study presents findings from a research commissioned by CGAP. MSC conducted this research to identify responsible practices employed by mobile money agents in Uganda to safeguard their customers’ data and examine the role of providers as they promote these practices in the country. It also examines how Uganda’s Data Privacy & Protection Act has helped strengthen providers’ data protection practices.
MSC supported OJK to enhance monitoring and supervision of digital financial services through technology. We collaborated with RegTech Lab to develop a strategic roadmap for RegTech and SupTech implementation in Indonesia. Additionally, we provided technical assistance to OJK, and built and operated two SupTech solutions—a social media crawling tool and a chatbot—to bolster consumer protection in the Indonesian financial services sector.
The rise of digital financial services has led to growing concerns around consumer protection. Predatory lending, fraudulent service providers, coercive recovery methods, and overindebtedness have been some of the adverse outcomes of the massive growth in digital credit. Women often bear the brunt of irresponsible digital lending. MSC in collaboration with University of Indonesia conducted a first-of-its-kind study to understand the risks faced by women in the online lending ecosystem. The study’s insights were shared with policymakers and regulators to strengthen consumer protection protocols in digital lending, particularly for women.
The Responsible Finance Project contracted MSC to refine client orientation and protection training materials. MSC was also tasked to train field and frontline staff, senior managers, and board members of 38 MFIs. The training comprised modules on customer service, consumer protection, financial education, and product marketing.
Kenyan digital platforms offer innovative financial products, such as digital credit. But they face high default rates and access-related challenges. MSC conducted a BMGF-funded study to assess these issues and understand loan terms, consequences, and repayment behavior for people from the low-income segments.
An efficient customer protection policy and a robust grievance handling framework translate into higher customer satisfaction and uptake of IPPB’s expanding banking suite. MSC supported IPPB in an engagement to improve its customer protection practices and grievance resolution processes.

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