Signature Projects

Research to support the development of M-PESA, Kenya

In Kenya, MSC has been an integral part of the M-PESA story. Our market research helped with the design of the final offering and shifted its focus from a payments system for MFIs to a remittance product. MSC’s efforts contributed to M-PESA’s success as the leading mobile money platform in the world, used regularly by 20 million customers in Kenya.

Designing a mobile wallet application for the “oral” segment

MSC collaborated with My Oral Village in this assignment to assess the literacy and numeracy capabilities of typical Indian users. The project uncovered how literacy and numeracy or their absence relate to the design of smartphone user interfaces. The project resulted in MoWO—mobile wallet for oral.

Behavioral reminders for beneficiaries of the SWAPNO program, Bangladesh

MSC engaged in an initiative for the Strengthening Women’s Ability for Productive New Opportunities (SWAPNO) project. Our task was to nudge financial behavior among SWAPNO beneficiaries who receive payments through the mobile financial services channel. MSC’s intervention helped UNDP to identify and incorporate behavioral change indicators for its digital channel for distributing social security cash benefits.

Development of Equity Bank’s research cell

MSC has associated with Equity Bank on multiple engagements over the years. We initially collaborated to form a research cell to re-engineer Equity to be a market-led institution. MSC continued the collaboration as Equity Building Society transformed into Equity Bank. MSC subsequently collaborated with Equity on the research cell over multiple engagements. Today, Equity serves over 12 million customers.

Alternative financial education for MFI clients

MSC helped CASHPOR Micro Credit (CMC) induce financial behavior change among its clients. MSC developed a financial education program for rural women, which helped them to choose financial products better. MSC’s efforts led to an 89% increase in the number of savings deposits and 233% increase in account opening at pilot branches.

Training on product development and implementation for financial institutions for Boulder Institute of Microfinance

MSC regularly delivers training courses on product development at Boulder Institute of Microfinance for CEOs, COOs, and senior management of financial institutions and central banks. In our training courses over the years, MSC has supported the development of 250+ products and channels that now find use among over 50 million people.