Government and regulators

MSC has unparalleled experience and expertise in digital governance, financial and social impact programs for governments across Africa and Asia. Our experts work with regulators, governments, policymakers, think-tanks, and other organizations in developing and underdeveloped countries. We work in policy design, program evaluations, action research, pilot testing, implementation support, assessment, and evaluation.

MSC provides policy advocacy and technical assistance to facilitate digital governance reforms, G2P services, and solutions for the mass market. Our focus areas include agriculture, food, energy, digital technology, digital identity (identity as a platform to empower the masses), subsidy reforms, public finance, rural development, vulnerable groups, women and child development, WASH, health, and education.

MSC’s work on regulation helps central banks, telecommunications regulators, and other government agencies navigate the rapidly evolving digital age and develop tracking and reporting systems to monitor and manage the growth of digital finance. We help them develop policies and regulations on digital financial services, risk and fraud, and consumer protection that are in line with best practices. We can facilitate digital readiness assessment.