MSC trains for real, measurable impact. Since 1998, MSC has trained over 7,700 practitioners—on-site, in the classroom, and online. We have delivered acclaimed and transformational training on a range of topics that are key to building a successful institution in the digital age, including:

Our training arm, the Helix Institute of Digital Finance, provides training services in emerging markets using a practical approach that integrates our latest experiences in the field and cutting-edge data to allow you to translate insights and lessons into action. Helix equips industry practitioners, regulators, and policymakers with the strategies, tools, and checklists to achieve sustainable impact and success in their business or program objectives. The Helix training for managers, agents and regulators in digital financial services.

Our training material is designed specifically to help organizations build effective strategies, enhance operations, and extend financial and other services to their clients, profitably. All our training courses are available in English and French.

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