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Consumer protection and grievance management at India Post Payment Bank: An assessment of existing policies, processes, and systems to identify areas of improvement

  • time Nov 8, 2023
  • calendar 1 min

An efficient customer protection policy and a robust grievance handling framework translate into higher customer satisfaction and uptake of IPPB’s expanding banking suite. MSC supported IPPB in an engagement to improve its customer protection practices and grievance resolution processes.

Customer protection is crucial for improving customer service and experience. MSC thoroughly researched IPPB’s customer protection policies and complaint resolution system. MSC conducted stakeholder consultations with IPPB teams to identify areas and branches with high complaint cases. MSC also conducted primary research with customers and branch officers in different parts of India to understand the gaps and opportunities to improve customer protection policies for IPPB. The recommendations were used to re-engineer the customer protection policies at IPPB.

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