The Health Care Financing project seeks to harness the research and product development capabilities of the K-Rep Development Agency, the experience of AAR Health Services in health care financing, management and provision, and the community-based, low-cost health centres of AAR franchisees. Working together, the consortium members offer important opportunities to capture synergies that will allow its members to develop their businesses while providing one of the most important and sought after services to low-income households in both urban and rural settings. The project brings together this diverse consortium to develop and test an innovative, private sector driven, commercially viable and replicable health financing scheme to reach low-income groups comprising four products.

This study was undertaken as the first step to this on-going collaboration designed to develop a low-cost health financing package for low-income people. Extensive background and secondary data searches (physical and internet-based) were conducted in order to identify data and ensure that the health financing product would be developed on the basis of the latest thinking/information. Research was conducted to understand low income people’s health needs and health finance/management mechanisms. The tools used were Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA) and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) adapted from the MicroSave-Africa approach to “Market Research for MicroFinance”.

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