Youth between 10 – 24 years of age constitute 1.77 billion (27% of the total global population). This constitutes a huge potential market for FIs seeking to extend financial services to the youth. MicroSave together with the Population Council have been managing – The Safe and Smart Savings Products for Vulnerable Adolescent Girls (SSSVAGs) project – implemented in Kenya and Uganda. The project, among other objectives, seeks to extend financial services and build financial capability amongst young girls 10 – 19 years of age. Under this project, savings products were designed specifically for the adolescent girls using MicroSave’s systematic product development approach which begins with market research to understand the target clients’ current financial behaviour, needs, coping mechanisms, gaps and preferences. This Note presents key lessons learned from this project, on youth-inclusive financial services using the “8Ps of marketing” as a framework. The lessons, derived from the success and challenges experienced, offer an opportunity to inform future YIFS programmes.

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