AgriStack – A DPI for farmers and the agriculture ecosystem

Amidst challenges such as climate change, population growth, and resource scarcity, digital tools offer innovative solutions for enhancing productivity, sustainability, and the livelihoods of millions of farmers in India. There are several initiatives underway in India to modernize agriculture through technological innovations and policy reforms. One such initiative introduced by the government to transform the agriculture sector in India is “AgriStack.” This initiative combines technology and digital databases to offer comprehensive support across the agricultural value chain, transforming how farming operates in India.

AgriStack is being developed as a Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) that consists of registries, datasets, APIs, and IT Systems. It is enabled by a common set of policies, standards, and guidelines that make agricultural data accessible to the public and private sectors for the creation of services and solutions. The initiative is designed with a clear vision – to simplify farmers’ access to affordable credit, high-quality farm inputs, personalized advisories, and convenient market linkages. It also aims to streamline government planning and implementation of farmer-centric benefit schemes.

In addition, there are state-level initiatives such as the Digital Farmer Services (DFS) platform in Bihar. The DFS will serve as a one-stop solution for Bihar’s small-scale producers (SSPs) to cater to their needs and aspirations through a unified digital platform. It will provide unified and seamless access to services, such as government programs, agriculture advisories, financial services, and market linkages.

It will be built upon the existing state databases and will also be integrated with private service providers for additional capabilities and specialized services.

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