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Posts by MSC

Helix Institute of Digital Finance inaugural Master Class series with Tamara Cook, CEO, FSD Kenya.

Tamara Cook, CEO, FSD Kenya speaks at the Helix Institute of Digital Finance inaugural Master Class series.

In-kind to cash transfers: The story of social welfare distribution in India

Our video highlights the importance of the JAM ecosystem to build effective digital cash transfer programs. It also suggests ways to optimize and convert the existing in-kind transfer programs to cash transfers.

Identifying households: Optimizing benefit transfer programs

This video discusses the challenges Indian states face in targeting and tracking beneficiaries of various social programs. It also highlights the importance of household-level databases to improve the delivery of welfare services by reducing existing inequalities and inefficiencies.

Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC): Quick fixes for onboarding customers

This video reflects on the various challenges faced by traditional KYC systems and the benefits of digital eKYC systems over paper-based KYC. It also suggests ways to establish an effective eKYC system.

Celebrating Women Leaders at the Grassroots – Parvati from Singrauli, India

#Womenleaders at the grassroots have been shaping a better future for their communities, much like Parvati from India, who upskills young women for a brighter future. Join UN Women India and MicroSave in showing how #SheLeads from fear to hope, from dreams to reality.

Digital transformation of Postal operators: Massive outreach, opportunities and challenges

The webinar had an eminent panel comprising CXOs of postal operators, the UPU and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to discuss these opportunities and challenges. Click on the timestamps from the webinar stream to explore specific segments. Click the image below to watch the complete webinar.

Fuel subsidy reforms

Short Summary: This video summarizes India’s reforms to digitize and transform the cooking gas subsidy from an in-kind to a cash transfer program. It shows why low-income households could not adopt LPG adequately and offers solutions to increase the use of LPG in the country.

Energy-water-agriculture linkages

This video shows how energy, water, and agriculture in India are interlinked. It explains how policies of one sector have far-reaching implications on others. It also emphasizes on the need for policy interventions that have a cross-sectoral, coherent and integrated approach.