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Posts by MSC

Webinar series- Inspiration, Insights and Learning’ (I2L): Women-owned enterprises amid COVID-19: Strategies to support survival, revival, and recovery

MSC (MicroSave Consulting) conducted a webinar titled “Women-owned enterprises amid COVID-19: Strategies to support survival, revival, and recovery” on 22nd July, 2021. Click on the timestamps from the webinar stream to hear specific segments. You can also click on the image below to experience the complete webinar.

Five ways in which the pandemic hit women and girls the hardest

In India, the urgency of dealing with COVID-19 has diverted attention away from serious issues that women face on all fronts, including the economic fallout of the pandemic. This report explores these issues in detail with the help of public data

The pandemic, migrants and MGNREGA

This video summarizes our series of publications on the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, an initiative of the Indian government to secure livelihoods in rural areas. It offers a comprehensive picture of the program by discussing its achievements and challenges from the demand and supply-side perspectives.

India’s food security response to COVID-19

The case study provides a detailed account of the Government of India’s food security response to the COVID-19 pandemic through its Public Distribution System (PDS), the world’s largest food security program. It captures how the government reached its 810 million poor to provide food grains despite stringent lockdowns.

Helix Institute of Digital Finance inaugural Master Class series with Tamara Cook, CEO, FSD Kenya.

Tamara Cook, CEO, FSD Kenya speaks at the Helix Institute of Digital Finance inaugural Master Class series.

In-kind to cash transfers: The story of social welfare distribution in India

Our video highlights the importance of the JAM ecosystem to build effective digital cash transfer programs. It also suggests ways to optimize and convert the existing in-kind transfer programs to cash transfers.

Identifying households: Optimizing benefit transfer programs

This video discusses the challenges Indian states face in targeting and tracking beneficiaries of various social programs. It also highlights the importance of household-level databases to improve the delivery of welfare services by reducing existing inequalities and inefficiencies.

Electronic Know Your Customer (e-KYC): Quick fixes for onboarding customers

This video reflects on the various challenges faced by traditional KYC systems and the benefits of digital eKYC systems over paper-based KYC. It also suggests ways to establish an effective eKYC system.