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MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm that enables social, financial, and economic inclusion for everyone.

MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm that enables social, financial, and economic inclusion for everyone. We have been at the center of the digital finance revolution since its early days. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver market-led, scalable financial services to all people through guiding policy & facilitating partnerships to develop enabling eco-systems; comprehensive, customised strategic advice; and actionable, on-site operational assistance.

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Becoming MSC: A brand new look

We, at MicroSave, have refreshed our identity to respond to the changing market as MSC (MicroSave Consulting). Click here to see the story of how we reinvented our brand and developed a fresh look and feel to strengthen our mission to make the world a better place.

From MicroSave to MSC: A journey of 20 years

Watch this video to see how MSC (MicroSave Consulting) has evolved as an organization that works to bring financial, social, and economic inclusion to those who need it the most.

MicroSave’s key impact has been to…

At MSC, our mission is to allow millions of people to get access to financial and social services. Our key impact has been in uncovering the importance of the unique needs of the poor and those who remain financially and socially excluded. As we advance the agenda of financial inclusion, we bring client-centricity to debate in the development finance. Our work results in high quality, affordable, market-led solutions to millions of people across developing markets. Watch what our experts have to say about MSC’s key impact.

MicroSave stays at the fore-front of the industry by…

At MSC, change is the only constant. We believe in continuous evolution to further our mission of financial, social, and economic inclusion. From our origins as a microfinance consulting services firm, MSC has spread its wings across geographies and sectors. See this video to know how we stay at the forefront in all the work that we do.

MicroSave adds value to its clients by…

For the past two decades, MSC has constantly pushed to add value to the markets we work in. We are determined to develop practical and implementable solutions that our clients can use to extend financial inclusion. Watch the video to hear what our employees have to say about how our work adds value to the markets we serve.

A new focus area that MSC should explore is.

At MSC, we never stop exploring. From agriculture to digital platforms, such as AI and blockchain, we are in constant pursuit of new spaces to work in. This video explores some of the newest and most exciting areas that we have been working in on our recent engagements.

What makes MSC different?

MSC is unique in being a local organization with global experience. Our teams understand the culture, language, and nuances of the markets and customers we serve. Our unwavering focus on low- and middle-income segment to further the financial inclusion agenda makes us stand out from the rest. See what our employees have to say about what makes MSC different.

MicroSave’s most cutting-edge work has been…

On our journey of two decades, MSC engaged in a range of critical works that helped us bring about a positive change in the lives of millions of people from the low- and middle-income segments. In this video, our employees discuss some of the cutting-edge engagements they have been involved in with us.