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MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm that enables social, financial, and economic inclusion for everyone.

MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a global consulting firm that enables social, financial, and economic inclusion for everyone. We have been at the center of the digital finance revolution since its early days. Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of institutions to deliver market-led, scalable financial services to all people through guiding policy & facilitating partnerships to develop enabling eco-systems; comprehensive, customised strategic advice; and actionable, on-site operational assistance.

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A new focus area that MSC should explore is.

At MSC, we never stop exploring. From agriculture to digital platforms, such as AI and blockchain, we are in constant pursuit of new spaces to work in. This video explores some of the newest and most exciting areas that we have been working in on our recent engagements.

What makes MSC different?

MSC is unique in being a local organization with global experience. Our teams understand the culture, language, and nuances of the markets and customers we serve. Our unwavering focus on low- and middle-income segment to further the financial inclusion agenda makes us stand out from the rest. See what our employees have to say about what makes MSC different.

MicroSave’s most cutting-edge work has been…

On our journey of two decades, MSC engaged in a range of critical works that helped us bring about a positive change in the lives of millions of people from the low- and middle-income segments. In this video, our employees discuss some of the cutting-edge engagements they have been involved in with us.

MSC: Enabling social, financial, and economic inclusion in digital age

MicroSave Consulting (MSC) is a boutique consulting firm that has, for 20 years, pushed the world towards meaningful financial, social, and economic inclusion. With 11 offices around the globe, about 190 staff of different nationalities and varied expertise, we are proud to be working in over 50 developing countries. We partner with participants in financial […]

The Mor committee has delivered its report – What will the report deliver? (Part-I)

Analysing the Mor Committee report, MicroSave believes it will lay the foundation for the future financial institution architecture to deal with inclusion of those that are outside the formal financial system.

MSC vision video: the next 5 years

At MSC, the future looks exciting. We continue our current engagements in identity-based financial inclusion and bulk payments (G2P), while our work in the next five years promises to forge a deep connect between financial services and the real economy.

MSC in numbers: our impact in 20 years

MSC in numbers video is a short summary of our achievements as we complete 20 years in business.

The Andhra crisis: The beginning of an end or the end of a beginning?

This presentation examines and discussed the caused of Andhra Pradesh crisis how the Indian MFIs and the government should respond post the crisis.