MicroSave Consulting or MSC is the world’s local expert in financial, economic, and social inclusion in the digital age. We work with participants in digital ecosystems to drive the agenda of inclusion for everyone.

Our roster of over 190 staff members provides market-led insights, dependable expertise, and useful advice across a wide variety of fields. We take pride in sharing our on-ground lessons with the community to enable knowledge transfer and to build discussions on key topics. With our time-tested inputs, our clients are able to seize the digital opportunity, address the mass market, and future-proof their operations.

Posts by MSC

MSC vision video: the next 5 years

At MSC, the future looks exciting. We continue our current engagements in identity-based financial inclusion and bulk payments (G2P), while our work in the next five years promises to forge a deep connect between financial services and the real economy.

MSC in numbers: our impact in 20 years

MSC in numbers video is a short summary of our achievements as we complete 20 years in business.

The Andhra crisis: The beginning of an end or the end of a beginning?

This presentation examines and discussed the caused of Andhra Pradesh crisis how the Indian MFIs and the government should respond post the crisis.

The State of Bank-led Initiatives for E/M-Banking and its Potential

In 2012 Ignacio Mas worked with MSC to look at the state of digital financial services in India, the type of products that poor people want, and the role of microfinance institutions/SHGs in digital financial services systems. Ignacio also ran a training for all MSC staff, and we then asked him to record some of […]

Indian experiences of application of agricultural value chain finance

The paper examines the current state of value chain development in India, the policies that are in place and the institutional framework that supports the value chains in agriculture. The facilitating processes adopted in India for strengthening agricultural value chains have been analyzed and their efficacy has been critiqued.

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Deposit Assessment in India

MicroSave’s study on Deposit Assessment in India details the needs and preferences of micro-savings clients to support the development of client-responsive products and delivery processes.

Business correspondent models in Bihar – Constraints and way forward

The study was conducted to improve the current body of knowledge around the status of the BC model in Bihar, to provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the model and to offer inputs to policymakers.