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Posts by MSC

Non-cash payment helps promote financial inclusion in Vietnam

Only 31% of all adults in Vietnam own a bank account, compared to 69% of adults in East Asia and the Pacific. This video reflects how mobile phones, internet users, and digital financial services (DFS) can increase access to basic banking services in Vietnam.

The rise of digital payments and online shopping in Vietnam amid Covid-19 pandemic

Despite remarkable progress toward digital financial inclusion, cash still accounts for 90% of transactions in Vietnam. The onset of COVID-19 saw restricted mobility, concerns over cash exchange, and increased demand for online shopping, digital payments, and delivery services. This video shares a glimpse of this change.

Highlights of I2L Webinar: “Delivering social assistance during the pandemic: Lessons from Indonesia”

The Government of Indonesia expanded the existing social security net for the poor to support the most vulnerable segments of society during the COVID-19 pandemic. MSC, in collaboration with Bappenas, Indonesia’s think tank, held an I2L webinar to discuss social assistance delivery in Indonesia with the country’s policymakers and representatives from international organizations.

Awareness, Communication, and Outreach for Social Protection Schemes during COVID-19: Presentation

An effective communications strategy for social protection programs (SPPs) needs a complex range of considerations and components for different stakeholders at both the demand and supply side. This presentation on awareness, communication, and outreach highlights the need for the integration of key communication components for effective implementation of SPPs.

Awareness, Communication, and Outreach for Social Protection Schemes during COVID-19: Detailed pitchbook and case studies

This pitch book presents a detailed analysis of key communication components for the effective implementation of social protection programs. It suggests improvements in communications using Well Made Strategy’s six-step framework and highlights case studies on best practices and the challenges faced by program recipients, implementers, and governments across the globe.

Digital transformation for financial institutions- Four opportunities and threats

There is a business case for digital transformation for financial institutions and this case study from Kenya, from Equity Bank, demonstrates to us how digital transformation helps financial institutions increase efficiency, serve more customers, and reap greater profits. 

Highlights of I2L webinar Episode 2 on “Successful cash support payments to the most vulnerable: Lessons from Bangladesh”

The Aspire to Innovate (a2i) program and MSC hosted a webinar on 21st July, 2020 to explore lessons from Bangladesh’s experience with digital government-to people payments, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click on the timestamps from the webinar stream to hear specific segments. You can also click on the image below to experience the complete webinar.

Inclusive FinTechs in Francophone Africa: Benin report

The upcoming National Financial Inclusion Strategy and work around the Start-up Act in Benin is still in its early stages. However, it will help increase opportunities for FinTechs in Benin, especially if they spend time to understand the market and examine how they can add value to it by working with incumbents.