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Our roster of over 190 staff members provides market-led insights, dependable expertise, and useful advice across a wide variety of fields. We take pride in sharing our on-ground lessons with the community to enable knowledge transfer and to build discussions on key topics. With our time-tested inputs, our clients are able to seize the digital opportunity, address the mass market, and future-proof their operations.

Posts by MSC

Digital financial inclusion for rural women of Bangladesh

With the rise of digital financial services, the gender gap in access to formal financial services has narrowed by the day. Digitization of the Primary Education Stipend Program (PESP) is one of the many examples where the Government of Bangladesh has used DFS to increase women’s access to financial services.

Merchants and digital payments in Bangladesh

The micro and small merchants of Bangladesh can help ensure greater financial inclusion by accepting digital payments and using these funds to make further payments to their suppliers.

Social Safety Net (SSN) finds a new highway to reach beneficiaries in Bangladesh

Digitization of the Social Safety Net program has helped resolve the woes of millions of economically vulnerable and socially and physically disadvantaged people in Bangladesh. It ensured that they receive payments in full and on time along with the option to access other financial services through agent banking.

Mobile Money is improving the financial health of people in Bangladesh

For the underserved populations of rural Bangladesh, mobile financial services promise to be the gateway to full-fledged financial services in the future.

NITI Aayog continues the collaboration with MSC for financial inclusion under the Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme

MSC inked the renewal of our collaboration with the NITI Aayog. Under this, we will continue to provide technical assistance for the “Transformation of Aspirational Districts Programme (TADP)” to enhance financial inclusion.

CICO Economics in Indonesia

MSC and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) conducted a study on the economics of Cash-In/Cash-Out (CICO) agent networks in Indonesia. The objective of this study was to generate actionable insights to build more sustainable CICO networks in a country that has over a million agents from both banks and non-banking organizations.

First insights: Landscape of Climate and Disaster Risk Insurance (CDRI) in Asia and the Pacific

The report presents an analysis of the current status of climate and disaster risk insurance (CDRI) in the Asia Pacific region with a greater focus on four key markets of Bangladesh, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Vietnam because of their high vulnerability to disasters

Financial Health: From Access to Aspirations

The i3 program works in Bangladesh, Malaysia, China, and Vietnam to bring greater financial access to the LMI populations through technology. This year’s i3 global learning event “Financial Health: Access to Aspirations” is a step towards this goal. The event will be held on 14th November, 2019 in Singapore. We invite participants from all fields who wish to contribute towards improving the financial health of the LMI segment.