Strategies for inclusive governance by Nandan Nilekani

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  • time Apr 26, 2024
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Mr. Nandan Nilekani emphasizes enhancing state capacity through people, processes, and technology, advocating for incentivizing actions, continuous learning, and citizen-centric services. Examples, such as Aadhaar and UPI, show efficiency gains in tax payments and benefit portability.

Mr. Nandan Nilekani, Cofounder of Infosys, highlights the need to enhance state capacity via people, processes, and technology. He advocates incentives for decisive actions, the need to foster continuous learning, and citizen-centric process design for anytime-anywhere access to services. He provides examples of technological interventions, such as Aadhaar and UPI, which facilitate national benefit portability and streamlined tax payments that drive efficiency. Mr. Nilekani stresses transparent government processes and citizen-facing services, which can ensure accessibility and efficiency for all stakeholders and mark strides toward effective governance.

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