Kate McKee

Kate McKee is Executive Director at Partnership for Economic Inclusion (World Bank).

Kate McKee formerly led CGAP’s initiative on responsible digital finance, which seeks to ensure transparency and safety for customers through forward-thinking industry standards and proportional regulation. She also led policy and advisory work on consumer protection, as well as Graduating the Poor into Sustainable Livelihoods initiative, which promotes scaling up of a holistic model that has achieved rigorously-documented gains in income, consumption, assets, and other aspects of well-being for participating extreme poor households in multiple countries around the world. Following assignments with the Ford Foundation in West Africa and New York, Kate worked for 12 years in delivery of innovative financial services in the United States, including leading the team that started up a new federal initiative to finance Community Development Financial Institutions. She then headed up the Microenterprise Development office at the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Kate is a development economist (MPIA Princeton University).

Posts by Kate McKee

Client Protection Campaign The Role Of Funders And Governments

In this video, Kate McKee, Senior Advisor, CGAP, taking the discussion further on Client Protection Campaign enlists the role of funders and government towards creating healthy environment for the customers. Explaining the role donors and investors, Kate says that funders must set the right incentives and support providers to put better policies into practice. While […]

Client Protection Campaign The Role Of Providers

In this video, Kate McKee, Senior Advisor, CGAP, talks about Client Protection Campaign launched by the MFIs. Kate shares that MFIs have come together for the support of client protection and it includes providers, international organisations, donors, individuals etc. All have come together to raise awareness for client protection and support learning process across the […]

Six Core Principles Of Client Protection

In this video, Kate McKee, Senior Advisor, CGAP, explains the six core principles of client protection for responsible finance, namely, Transparency, Suitability of Product, Appropriate Collection Practices, Staff Ethics, Access to Effective Recourse by Clients, Data Privacy and Security. She also highlights two other issues: fair pricing and non-discrimination. She emphasises that transparency is the […]

Responsible Finance Why it is Timely Now

In this video, Kate McKee, Senior Advisor, CGAP, discusses responsible finance and shares why it is the need of the hour. Kate further discusses how success of MF has attracted the attention towards client protection and transparency. She also mentions the formation of industry associations and drafting code of conduct as a step towards more […]