The Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) program identifies the factors responsible for the success or failure of specific agent networks across the world. ANA employs large-scale quantitative surveys that measure the health of agent networks across countries. It assesses agent networks for selected providers at the national- and at the provider-levels. Our ANA clients include M-Pesa, MTN, Orange, Vodafone, Tigo, Airtel, BKash, and EasyPaisa across 14 countries. We have analysed 81 providers in 14 countries to cover 31,500 agents.

As part of the ANA program, MSC conducts qualitative strategic assessments in nascent markets, such as Nigeria and Indonesia. Activities include conducting scoping visits to meet providers and stakeholders to understand ground realities and developments in digital financial services. MSC teams analyze the data and produce country reports for public consumption, and create confidential, customized business analytics for selected providers.

The ANA research team recently designed benchmarks that outline the drivers of a successful agent network and developed a corresponding set of metrics to hone the questionnaire for a second wave of surveys. These benchmarks focus on key operational metrics that providers can use to determine how a channel aligns with its value proposition. These benchmarks translate into tailored analytics and a rapid assessment tool for providers.

The ANA baseline research has been completed in 14 countries—
Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, the Philippines, Zambia, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Benin. We completed second-wave surveys in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The reports have been published in countries like Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Because of the ANA surveys and associated training: 11 providers reviewed their agent network strategy, 23 providers enhanced their liquidity management systems, while 14 providers refined their agent selection training and on-boarding approach. ANA also allowed 10 providers to improve their agent monitoring, while 13 providers diversified marketing and communication activities, and 13 providers made the agent value proposition more attractive to reduce churn.