Development of toolkits to enable financial institutions in lending for WASH needs of their clients in Asia, Africa, and Latin America hired MSC to scale up its WaterCredit concept to develop toolkits to help banks, MFIs, and NGOs to build their WASH finance portfolios. WaterCredit is an innovative concept that promotes in the developing world. It provides financial and technical assistance to its microfinance partners to develop loan products for the WASH needs of underserved households.

MSC developed a series of five toolkits to help WASH participants identify opportunities for WASH finance, develop WASH finance products, market their WASH finance product, develop delivery systems, and manage WASH portfolios. Partners of have used these toolkits extensively across Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

WaterCredit has benefitted more than 12 million families in accessing water and sanitation facilities across 12 countries. In Africa alone, more than 10 banks and MFIs have used these products. One hundred and fifty bank managers in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania have received training on the application of the toolkits. reported in 2017 that WaterCredit has catalyzed USD 1.5 billion in commercial finance to the WASH sector.