Mobile money providers around the globe are compelled to rethink their distribution networks as the industry completes two decades of operations and competition increases. To study the space, GSMA contracted MSC to conduct a market assessment of mobile money providers. The assessment gathered information on mobile money providers that have been implementing innovative practices to improve traditional methods of agent distribution.

MSC focused particularly on those practices that improved efficiency, delivered better customer service, and reduced costs. We identified new and innovative initiatives and distribution models, which we classified into existing challenges in the agent distribution network. The research exercise assessed and documented the leading new agent distribution networks.

The MSC team gained insights on how mobile money providers use these new initiatives to “future-proof” the distribution of financial services through agents. We also explored the existing synergies between mobile money providers and the DFS+ players that seek to implement new strategies for the future.

The resulting report is now one of the more popular downloads on GSMA’s website.