MSC works with governments to implement large-scale programs. We provide strategic support by establishing technical support units and project management units. Our ground-level support provides the initial momentum for the respective programs and establishes their governance structure.

A key project in this context has been Pathways to Enhancing Financial Inclusion (PEFI) project in aspirational district. PEFI was established to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by supporting NITI-Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India), the policy think tank of the Indian government.

At the time of writing, MSC had been working to enhance the status of six selected indicators of financial inclusion in 27 aspirational districts. These districts had a cumulative population of 44 million people, spread across eight states in India. The project involved stationing financial inclusion coordinators in each district to work alongside the existing government and banking machinery to support, develop, and customize models of financial inclusion.

The project addresses four key issues:

  1. Improving the reach and performance of agent networks;
  2. Use of self-help groups (SHGs) to promote digital financial inclusion;
  3. Improving uptake and usage by women;
  4. Delivering effective financial education.