Under the JSPVAT initiative, MSC engaged with 27 farmer producer companies (FPCs) involved in agriculture and livestock in India’s Bihar state. The project’s primary objective was to elevate the quality of services available to smallholder farmers and facilitate their economic transformation. JSPVAT started in 2020 to support JEEViKA—the Bihar state government’s rural livelihoods project.

Under JSPVAT, we sought to bolster the financial viability and self-sustainability of these FPCs, which would empower them to cater to marginal female farmers’ needs statewide. MSC offered strategic and operational consulting services to support JEEViKA, a State Rural Livelihoods Mission in the state. We provided technical expertise and enhanced operational efficiencies to increase the profitability of agriculture for Bihar’s farmers.

MSC played a crucial role to establish an overarching brand called “Green Delights” and associated stores for JEEViKA FPCs. This initiative empowered rural women to tap into premium markets through effective branding, improved packaging, and FPC-owned modern retail outlets.

So far, MSC has successfully facilitated the linkages of more than 36,000 metric tons of various commodities and 8,000 metric tons of agricultural inputs with 22 different agri-input market players. Our efforts benefited Bihar’s smallholder farmers.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation commissioned the project.