MSC was contracted to work on a key component of a pro-poor tourism development project of the Department of Tourism, Government of Uttar Pradesh—the largest state in India. The project amounted to USD 57 million and was funded by the World Bank Group.

MSC’s role was to identify and develop roadmaps for select creative industries in three regions of the state that have a large tourist footfall—Agra, Braj region, and the Buddhist Circuit. The rest of the project revolved around providing ecosystem services to these creative industries. This was a unique research where MSC covered multiple aspects—livelihood, tourism, gender, and youth.

MSC’s mixed-method research mapped and assessed all possible creative industries that either are, or can become, a source of livelihood for the low-income population in these regions. We used the insights from the mapping and assessments to create intervention roadmaps for the creative industries that have the strongest synergies with the tourism market.

The output of our work directly feeds into the next stage of implementation of a proposed USD 10 million program.