MSC conducts research on behavior, financing, and assesses development needs for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). We evaluate programs that aim to promote the MSME sector through landscaping studies and quantitative and qualitative methods based on market sizing and segmentation. Highlights of MSC’s quantitative research with MSMEs include robust study design, appropriate sampling methodology, scrupulous data collection methods, and cutting-edge analytical techniques to generate insights.

MSC conducted a comprehensive study on MSE owners and key stakeholders in Bangladesh as part of a project for Nathan Associates London Ltd. The study sought insights on the use of mobile financial services (MFS) by MSMEs in the country. Through the study, MSC addressed key challenges and identified opportunities to meet the needs of MSEs while accessing finance from MFS providers in Bangladesh.

MSC’s key work in the MSME research space has been with Michel and Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF). We produced market insights on credit behavior and preferences for urban MSMEs. The mixed-method research generated insights that contributed to the design of financial products.

MSC conducted research studies to assess the state of finance for MSMEs in various African countries including Malawi, Uganda, and Rwanda. The research centered on evaluating three main areas—the current functioning of MSMEs, their role in the economy, and their financial needs. The study findings also addressed possible product development opportunities for financial service providers.

MSC recently conducted a study on the MSME landscape in Fiji with support from DFAT MDF. The study provided recommendations for regulators and policymakers.

Documents: MFS for MSEs study, MSDF MSME study, Fiji MSME landscape study (Sadly None are in public domain) BN 143, BN 169, BN 171, BN 172