India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) launched operations throughout the country. MSC supported IPPB in providing financial services to poor and rural communities. While GDS presents a useful channel for outreach, the challenge would be to build its capacity to handle digital technology while offering a range of financial services and managing its existing suite of postal services.

At the time of writing, MSC planned to undertake a diagnostic study to conduct an institutional assessment for IPPB and provide insights on the current stage of its operations and challenges. The MSC team would develop a GDS capacity and planning document and a management framework and enable G2P delivery. We would also develop a program M&E framework, an operational manual, and training of trainers (ToT) material for GDS and conduct the training. Further, we would revise the incentive structure for GDS, design three product roll-out plans, produce a DBT communication strategy document and develop a DBT customer protection and GRM framework.

MSC would also develop an MS Excel-based costing template, manuals for liquidity management and grievance redressal, and a product enhancement plan. We would prepare three marketing strategy documents, produce a merchant acquisition plan, and conduct periodic monitoring. Through MSC’s support, IPPB is expected to achieve four outcomes: an active, efficient, and capable CICO network; suitable product and channel lines using public infrastructure to support customers, specifically women, at the local level; streamlined G2P and bulk payment processes; and a comprehensive ecosystem of merchants to support customers at the last mile to drive digital transactions.