MSC delivers regular training on product development at Boulder Institute of Microfinance. These events see attendance from CEOs, COOs, and senior management team members from operations, product development, research and development, and other relevant departments of financial institutions and central banks. These financial institutions include banks, cooperatives, and MFIs. They use the insights from our training sessions to develop or refine products and services for their target markets.

Our training equips participants with the skills and resources to:

  • Examine options and opportunities to gather data on client needs, aspirations, perceptions, and behavior through secondary and primary research and behavioral analysis tools;
  • Use a robust and systematic approach to product development and implementation;
  • Design and implement pilot tests and roll-out to minimize risk and maximize success.

Over the years, MSC has supported more than 150 financial services providers to develop and deliver over 250 products and channels that now find use among 50 million-plus people.