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Climate-resilient financial services: A microfinance toolkit initiative

  • time Dec 28, 2023
  • calendar 1 min

MSC collaborated with Opportunity International to create a toolkit for microfinance institutions, which focused on climate-resilient portfolios and services. MSC intended to enhance microfinance institutions’ ability to face climate challenges through in-depth analysis and efforts. This would ensure long-term climate resilience with sustainable financial services.

MSC supported Opportunity International to develop a toolkit for microfinance institutions to establish climate-resilient portfolios and services. We engaged in inception meetings, contextual analysis, and an institutional assessment with Urwego Opportunity Bank in Rwanda. MSC’s ongoing work involves the development of the toolkit’s content, incorporation of inputs from ecosystem partners and customer research conducted by Glasgow Caledonian University and the University of Rwanda.

The project would improve microfinance institutions’ ability to navigate and respond to climate-related challenges, and ensure long-term resilience of their operations and services.

MSC undertook this project to support Opportunity International’s larger climate resilience efforts and contribute to the creation of sustainable and climate-resilient financial services.

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