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Digital transformation for banks and MFIs in Bangladesh and Vietnam

  • time Oct 25, 2018
  • calendar 1 min

Under the Innovate, Implement, Impact (i3) program, MSC works with implementation partners in Bangladesh and Vietnam to meet the needs of low- and middle-income clients. i3 would have an impact on the lives of at least 400,000 under-served clients.

The Innovate, Implement, Impact (i3) Program utilizes technology for meaningful financial inclusion. Under this program, we work with implementation partners in both Bangladesh and Vietnam to optimize the design and delivery of products and services to meet the needs of low- and middle-income (LMI) clients.

We also work with FinTechs like technology-based start-ups, mobile financial services providers, and IT solution or platform providers. We facilitate partnerships with financial service providers, such as banks, microfinance institutions, and cooperatives to enable large-scale outreach and provide the critical last-mile access.

This program will make a direct difference to at least 400,000 under-served LMI clients over a period of three years in both markets. It will improve the financial health of LMIs—either by enabling access to formal financial services for new customers—or through deepening usage and extending a broader range of services to existing customers. In addition, we expect that around five times more people will derive indirect benefits, due to ripple effects from the interventions in these markets.

Supported by MetLife Foundation, the program is also active in China and Malaysia.

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