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Payments Instruments Rails

  • time Jul 7, 2022
  • calendar 1 min

MSC (MicroSave Consulting) has been at the forefront of the payments industry, working with banks, FinTechs, agent network managers (ANMs), policymakers, and regulators in the payments ecosystem. Over the past years, we started producing reports for the industry, highlighting trends in the payments space, and received an overwhelming response. As we continued our work, we asked ourselves: How can we demystify these insights for those interested in the space? How can we provide details on payment trends from a 360-degree perspective? How can we share exciting trends from this growing industry? We bring you our latest creation—Payments Instruments Rails (PIN Rails), which unveils developments in India’s ever-growing digital payment ecosystem. PIN Rails dives deep into the what, how, and why of the Indian digital payments landscape. Through this public good, we expect to share developments and trends from the changing digital payments ecosystem through a one-stop interactive dashboard.

India’s digital payments story is akin to none. The past five years have seen a massive transformation. UPI hit record-high numbers, AePS transformed the transfer of subsidies to beneficiaries, merchants now conduct digital B2B payments, and FinTechs have disrupted the payments space with unique solutions.

Despite this accelerated growth, a large share of the population still lacks access to these services, indicating considerable room for growth in digital payments. The proliferation of mobile phones and internet connectivity in rural markets can be the game-changer that will lead to the growth of digital payments in India in the coming years.

We have been at the forefront of analyzing and reporting these trends using pitchbook formats for the past few years. We have now automated the analyses and reporting of the payments data.

With an unwavering focus on India’s growing digital payment ecosystem, we built an in-house dashboard—Payments Instruments Rails (PIN Rails). It provides deep insights, data trends, and multiple features for analysis with a holistic view of the transformation of digital payments.

PIN Rails will serve as a public good for various industry players, such as FinTechs, banks, thought leaders, and other development consulting firms.

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