Our Team

Monica Dutta

Senior Manager

Monica Dutta is a Senior Manager in MSC’s Data & Insights Domain in India. She is an economist with more than 14 years of experience in Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia gained through projects with national and international research firms, such as IFPRI, TERI, and CSIR NISTADS. Her areas of expertise include quantitative analysis in development, agriculture, and energy economics, impact assessment, demand forecasting, program design, and evaluation. She has an interest in undertaking modeling exercises and projections. She specializes in digital financial services, consumer behavioral analysis, gender, climate change, and livelihood assessment.

Before joining MSC, Monica Dutta was an Associate Fellow at TERI, where she undertook various roles, such as program designing, quantitative assessment, and demand analysis. She holds a Master’s degree specializing in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics in New Delhi, India. She is fluent in Hindi and English.