Our Team

Vishrant Shukla


Vishrant Shukla is a Partner at MSC and heads the Finance function of MSC’s Asia and Africa teams.

He has worked in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Philippines, on accounting and financial management, costing, and pricing. Vishrant also played a vital role in the development of basic financial and accounting systems, financial management and ratio analysis, and advanced accounting for microfinance institutions’ toolkits. He works in the dual capacity of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for MSC and Associate Director. As CFO, he is responsible for the Accounts and Finance departments, and as an Associate Director, he conducts various assignments on accounting, financial management, and costing. His interests include accounting, financial management, strategic business planning, costing and pricing analyses, due diligence, institutional assessments, and risk analysis.

Before he joined MSC, Vishrant worked as a Senior Executive at the Financial Reporting and Compliance department at Bharti Airtel, Lucknow, India. He conducted audits for various clients as an internal and statutory auditor. He holds a Bachelor of Law from Lucknow University. He is fluent in Hindi, Urdu, and English.