Vishrant Shukla


Vishrant Shukla leads the Finance, Legal, Admin and IT functions across MSC group of companies, ensuring robust strategies are in place at all times for these functions.

Vishrant has almost 15 years of experience in managing and leading finance operations, in different sectors and has cumulative experience of finance, law and tax-related matters in India, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Uganda and Senegal. He leads financial management, costing and pricing, taxation, corporate governance, compliance, legal and statutory matters of MSC across a multi-country environment. His focus is to develop and update internal policies, processes and systems of financial, legal and administrative functions, in sync with rapid growth of MSC.

Vishrant also provides overall guidance to internal IT requirements of MSC, ensuring appropriate internal controls. He has also undertaken multiple consulting and training assignments at MSC, including development of accounting systems and manuals, undertaking costing studies, conducting due diligence etc. for clients across India, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Nepal etc.

Before MSC, he has worked as an advocate and a practicing Chartered Accountant at different points in time. He is a qualified Chartered Accountant and a Fellow Member of ICAI. He holds degrees in Law (LLB) and Commerce (B. Com) and Diploma in Information Systems Audit (DISA-ICAI). He is fluent in Hindi and English.