The E/M-Banking Booklet – Volume IV is the eighth publication under the Optimising Performance and Efficiency (OPE) Series. The OPE Series brings together key insights and ideas on specific topics, with clear objective of providing microfinance practitioners with practical and actionable advice.

In response to repeated demands from practitioners, MicroSave has developed this fourth compendium of brief publications on e/m-banking. This compendium examines various aspects of costing and pricing of financial services from the perspective of users, intermediaries and banks. There has to be a fine balance to ensure that the user feels he is getting value for money using the service; agents and network managers are sufficiently remunerated for the work they do (and the capital they have to invest); and the banks find the proposition sustainable. The compendium also includes insights gained from customer and channel satisfaction surveys conducted over a long period using MicroSave’s Customer and Channel Satisfaction Measurement and Management (CSM) tool. ANMs have used the CSM results to improve their systems and services and thus significantly improved customer and agent satisfaction.

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