Implementing social performance management (SPM) in microfinance institutions (MFIs) has challenges. MicroSave has considerable experience in implementing SPM in MFIs across Africa and Asia. We feel that unless there is adequate support from the Board and the senior management of the MFI, SPM initiatives do not move smoothly. Our understanding is that the effective implementation of SPM initiatives in any MFI is possible only when all these four pillars work in unison: Board commitment and support, management involvement and commitment, staff buy-in and adequate investment in resources. It is these 4 elements which differentiate an MFI with good SPM initiatives (working) versus a not so successful one.

The Part 1 of this Briefing Note (BN) explains the first two pillars viz. Board commitment and management’s role.

Please see the Part 2 of this Briefing Note (BN) which explains the last two pillars viz. staff involvement and investment in resources.

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