The briefing note is to accentuate the need to incorporate usability aspect in the designs of various payment portals and user interfaces. There is a need to customize the screens of various interfaces and portals in accordance to customers’ requirements.

“Usability is something which the consumer are expecting from a product. Whilst at one time it was expected that high tech products are complicated and usability was seen as a bonus, lack of usability is now seen as major source of discontent with consumer products.”
– Patrick Jordon

The effect of user characteristics on usability can be identified by their previous experiences with similar product and their knowledge relating to the task which is independent of the product being used to complete that task. Further it can also be identified by the population stereotypes, by paying attention to the needs of those with disabilities and also by emphasizing on age and gender characteristics of the beneficiaries.

“If we want to help people make better decisions in the future, then we need to understand the psychology of screens, and how people make choices in an age of too much information and too little working memory.”
– Shlomo Benartzi and Jonah Lehrer

Various component of usability which can be checked on field visits are guessability, learnability, experienced user performance, system potential and system reusability.

We were able to check only guessability and learnability, with help of the medium fidelity prototype, due to time constraints. However, many principles of usable design like consistency, visual clarity, language compatibility were also touched upon.

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