MicroSave presented its work on developing mobile wallet interfaces for oral customers at a Learning Event co-organised by CGAP, LeapFrog, Dvara Trust, and SPTF. Globally, the number of oral customers is estimated to be 1.5 billion. We define the oral segment as those who rely on visuals, audio, signs, etc. to communicate. At the event, Akhand Tiwari of MicroSave argued that it is indeed possible to develop a range of icons which both literates and the oral segment can easily understand. He highlighted MicroSave’s learning that we can perform usability testing for digital interfaces better on the field rather than in closed room environments. A focus on oral customer segments has a wide range of benefits, including the possibility of a reduction in the gender gap and adoption of financial services. He concluded by highlighted how MoWO (MicroSave’s mobile wallet interface) can lay the foundations for better digital interface designs for education, health, and livelihoods.

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