A lot of financial inclusion efforts around the globe are targeted towards people who are new to technology and perhaps new to the formal financial system. Many of these people belong to Oral segment of society. “Oral” people are not comfortable with written numbers, they also do not know how to read and rely on mental calculation when it comes to any mathematics. Learning about them is critical for all of us who are working to make digital financial services work for financial inclusion, as these people form the financial excluded segment largely.
The objective of this research was to develop conceptual wireframe of a mobile wallet for ‘oral’ people to use. The user interface was developed keeping in mind the cognitive usability constraints of oral segment.
The result of our work is first ever wallet design for Oral ; that’s what we call it –  MoWO – mobile wallet for oral. We believe MoWO is the first step in the right direction when it comes to financial inclusion of Oral people.

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