For the past two decades, MSC has developed over 250 financial products in more than 56 countries across Asia and Africa, serving 50 million-plus people. We have assisted in the development of digital G2P services, used by more than 700 million people around the world.

MSC has collaborated with over 300 banks, mobile network operators, and microfinance institutions, and trained upwards of 7,700 practitioners, policymakers, and regulators. We have supported over 70 agent network managers, advised over 35 government ministries and regulators, and created over 750 publications.

MSC has a rich experience of working with partners across the globe including banks, mobile network operators, government, donors, and other organizations. Our 45 toolkits on different elements helped us build effective financial-services for low-income clientele. We have deployed our deep insight and experience to implement social performance management systems for 23 clients. MSC currently has a team of 180+ professionals spread across the globe.

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