At MSC, the future looks exciting. We continue our current engagements in identity-based financial inclusion and bulk payments (G2P), while our work in the next five years promises to forge a deep connect between financial services and the real economy. We will address the digital divide, incorporating particularly vulnerable groups under the umbrella of financial inclusion, and continue to build capacity and skills.

We continue to make use of our experience and insights to deliver value to help our clients achieve sustainable performance improvements and unlock enduring value in the digital age. We have the capacity to engage and lend support, the flexibility to respond to client needs on the go, and deliver beyond expectations—because we operate primarily with our own staff, augmented with specialist associate consultants.

A deep understanding of our markets in Asia and Africa gives us the edge. Our innovative market-led approach continues to work towards a world in which all people have access to high quality, affordable, market-led financial, economic, and social services in the digital age.





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