The role of technology in bridging financing gaps for MSMEs

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  • time Aug 16, 2021
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This video highlights the critical role played by micro, small and medium enterprises in economic growth under the Financial Inclusion Lab accelerator program in supporting the LMI workforce. The Lab is a part of CIIE.CO’s Bharat Inclusion Initiative and receives support from some of the largest philanthropic organizations across the world. These include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, J.P. Morgan, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, MetLife Foundation, and the Omidyar Network.

Micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) play a key role in a country’s GDP growth. However, several factors obstruct their access to formal financial services. This video highlights how start-ups under the FI lab have been trying to solve these challenges through alternate data sources and technology, and democratizing finance for the MSME segment.

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