FSD Uganda commissioned MSC to conduct a study and document how shared agent banking came into play in Uganda, why it was necessary, what has gone well so far, the challenges encountered, and the lessons learned. As the title of this case study suggests, uniting the vision and direction of at least 19 supervised financial institutions  and getting them to collaborate in a typically competitive space is a difficult task, akin to Making Elephants Dance.

This case study covers:

  • The circumstances that led to the introduction and development of the shared agent banking network;
  • The functionalities and implementation of the shared agent banking platform and how these may have contributed to the operational success of the system;
  • The key successes, weaknesses, challenges faced, and opportunities for the shared agent banking network in Uganda; and
  • Key lessons from the implementation of the shared agent banking network in Uganda and exploring how these may be replicated in other markets that seek to implement a shared agent network.

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