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04:29 – What is Lending SAAS?
08:30 – What was the trigger to start Roopya Money?
11:41 – Explain the business to a 5-year-old kid.
13:05 – How did you approach the building of the SAAS platform for the Indian lending industry? Given that the lending process is varied with such broad requirements, what were the underlying principles for you to design and build the product?
24:45 – Let’s talk business – what’s your model to earn? What is your cash cow? Other avenues that will open up.
29:19 – Are Indian lenders willing to open up for a lending SAAS? What are the underlying challenges you have faced?
36:10 – What’s your take on AI, especially with new-age generative AI impacting the financial technology industry?
39:06 – The RBI has recently given more clarity on the partnership between fintech and REs. FLDG has also received in-principle approval. Do you think REs may prefer to go with fintechs instead of investing to build their own stream of borrowers?
45:07 – India Stack is evolving – AA and OCEN and ONDC have become the buzzwords. How do you think Roopya can add value or gain from this ecosystem?
49:59 – How do you think India’s SAAS industry will shape up? What are the blind spots and opportunities?
52:11 – How does the acceleration by FI Lab help Roopya? How it can help scale the solutions. Any pearls of wisdom for both budding entrepreneurs and accelerators?

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