Ajay Shah on reinventing governance: Accountability and organizational reform

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  • time Apr 26, 2024
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In this interview, Dr. Ajay Shah speaks about how to achieve organizational effectiveness in governance and the roles played by politicians’ engagement, systemic awareness, and electoral accountability to meet these reforms. He further delves into how digital integration should be achieved in policymaking.

Dr. Ajay Shah, Cofounder of the XKDR Forum, talks to us about ways to achieve effective governance. He discusses politicians’ engagement with citizens and systemic issues and stresses electoral accountability. Dr. Shah notes that an entrepreneurial spirit and managerial approaches are essential to confront challenges. He emphasizes organizational efficiency in governance and urges transparency and decentralized measurement. He also proposes that policymaking should incrementally integrate digital tools and prioritize foundational organizational functions, such as HR and finance, to ensure effective governance in India.

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