Akhand Tiwari

Associate Partner

Akhand Jyoti Tiwari is Associate Partner at MSC. He leads behavioral research and design work in the organization and has worked in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Qatar, the Philippines, Lao PDR, Nepal, and Zambia. Akhand also spearheads MSC’s flagship approach to behavioral research and design for financial services—MI4ID.

Akhand’s area of expertise includes the application of design thinking and behavioral economics in the financial services domain. He has worked on microfinance, digital financial services (DFS), SME finance, customer research and customer segmentation, and user experience. His experience in program design covers multiple areas, such as financial capability, marketing, and communication. Akhand has worked with various financial service providers including MFIs, insurance companies, banks, agent network managers, telecom companies offering DFS, the Government of India, and central banks. Before joining MSC, he worked with the Centre for Micro Finance at IFMR, Chennai, India. Akhand holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM) in Bhopal. He is fluent in Hindi and English and has a working knowledge of French.

Posts by Akhand Tiwari

Are Banks All Set to Dominate Domestic Remittance Market in India?

Driven by the government’s financial inclusion agenda, as the BC model expands in multiple forms, banks and BCNMs are experiencing new consumer demand and expectations.

Redeeming the pledge on gender equality

Across the globe, a billion women remain financially excluded, with a gender gap of 9% persisting stubbornly in developing countries.

Technical Assistance for Mobile Wallets for the Oral Segment (MoWO)

MicroSave presented its work on developing mobile wallet interfaces for oral customers at a Learning Event co-organised by CGAP, LeapFrog, Dvara Trust, and SPTF.

Technical Assistance for Mobile Wallets for the Oral Segment (MoWO

A focus on oral customer segments has a wide range of benefits, including the possibility of a reduction in the gender gap and adoption of financial services. He concluded by highlighted how MoWO (MicroSave’s mobile wallet interface) can lay the foundations for better digital interface designs for education, health, and livelihoods.

Agent Network Accelerator Research Survey – India Country Report 2017

MicroSave conducted the second wave of the ANA survey India in 2017. This wave of ANA builds on the findings of the first wave undertaken in 2015.

Agent Network Accelerator Survey: Bangladesh Report 2016

This report highlights findings on the DFS agent landscape in Bangladesh covering agent profitability, transaction volumes, liquidity management and other important strategic considerations.

Addressing the Soil Health Crisis in India

The Prime Minister in India launched a “Soil Health Card” (SHC) scheme to rejuvenate India’s exhausted soil. How behavioural approach can help in understanding the needs of the farmers

The Four Zones: A Missing Chapter in the Financial Inclusion Guidebook

The blog focuses on the four personas that represent the majority of the mass market that has been the target for financial inclusion in India