Akhand Tiwari


Akhand Jyoti Tiwari is a Partner at MSC and leads BFSI work. Akhand brings multiple years of experience in development consulting.

He works closely with policymakers, practitioners, academics, and investment & donor agencies. Akhand's recent work includes strengthening policies and practice on financial inclusion, and unpacking barriers to gender equality to promote women's economic empowerment. Akhand also actively guides MSC's work on unpacking behaviour of low and middle income segments; and using design thinking to solve strategic and tactical challenges of MSC's clients.

Posts by Akhand Tiwari

The impact of Covid-19 on MSMEs and low-income populations in Asia and Africa with Akhand Tiwari.

In the news: Akhand Tiwari gives his views on the impact of Covid-19 on micro, small, and medium enterprises and low-income populations in Asia and Africa.

Making bank accounts work for women: Lessons on designing gender-centric financial services

Reports suggest that two out of three women in PNG face domestic abuse. Due to a lack of formal saving facilities for them, women’s hard-earned money often ends up with their husbands, who usually waste it on gambling or drinking. This blog highlights MiBank’s efforts to bridge the gender gap by introducing gender-centric products.

COVID -19 recovery is likely to fail women- digital financial services can help, if designed well

Response to COVID-19 pandemic needs to be gender transformative so that fundamental gender issues like social norms, access to resources etc are addressed . Can digital solutions help?

A phone can only do so much: Why mobile access isn’t leading to digital financial service usage among women in India

Despite significant progress in financial inclusion, low-income working women have not been able to derive benefits, even when they receive their wages digitally.

Opinion | Designing financial products for women

Current financial service models conflate women with ‘family’, considering them merely an avenue to pursue social welfare

The need for immediate gender-focused initiatives to promote digital financial services for women amid COVID-19: Insights from India

Through multiple research studies, MSC has assessed the impact of COVID-19 on women and witnessed their survival strategies. This report looks at how women perceive financial services after the pandemic, and what we can do to reduce their vulnerabilities.

Navigating the new normal: Can behavioral sciences help?

This note focuses on the situation of COVID-19 in India and the government’s communication efforts during the pandemic. Based on MSC’s research with low- and middle-income households, it highlights how these efforts can be strengthened through the adoption of a Social Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) campaign.

COVID-19 management by local governments: Is there a mantra to follow?

Customer-centric policies and initiatives of the local government are crucial for the management of COVID-19. In India, aspirational districts are pioneering simple yet effective measures to address the immediate needs of the community. This note presents bottom-up measures taken in the Goalpara district, Assam