Edward Obiko

Edward Obiko is a Senior Analyst in the Digital Financial Services domain of MSC.

Edward has eight years of experience in digital financial services, product innovations, and web and mobile solution integration. His work involves providing technical assistance and training to financial service providers. Before joining MSC, he worked as a Product Development Officer in the Bank of Africa Kenya (BOA-K). Edward has worked in a wide variety of functional areas, such as operations support, business development, product development, and marketing.

Posts by Edward Obiko

Interoperability and shared agent networks

Bank and mobile money agents have grown to become key access points for financial services. However, there exist challenges and costs that make it hard for providers to efficiently manage this channel. Shared agent networks ease these challenges for providers while improving the business case for agents. This video highlights our perspectives on shared agent network models.

Perspectives on shared agent networks from emerging economies

Shared agent networks help providers to reduce the cost of platform management and maintenance, agent training and monitoring, as well as improved liquidity management – particularly in fully interoperable environments. Read more about how formal and informal shared agent networks are helping to deepen financial inclusion in emerging markets.

The shared agent network in Uganda

The Uganda Bankers Association had launched a shared agent network in the country. Over the years, the network has made progress to ensure the distribution of financial services for banks, including those without agent networks. However, the network still faces challenges that need to be addressed to make the agent banking experience seamless.

Formal financial services, informal workers: How can financial services work for the gig economy?

The informal sector offers abundant opportunities for the youth in Kenya to generate income, though it has its challenges like poor and irregular pay and a host of other challenges. Read more on what can be done for the gig platform economy to offer better working conditions for the informal workers.

Same problems, same inequalities: Women in the digital gig economy

The digital gig economy in Africa has quickly gained prominence over time and continues to enhance opportunities for youth and women. Some of MSC’s recent research work in Kenya indicates increasing participation of women, especially in the blue-collar digital gig economy though there remains a gender disparity in women’s participation in this sector.

Digital readiness assessment and preparedness for governments payments

This video highlights the opportunities and impacts we have seen from digital readiness assessments in different social benefit initiatives across Africa and Asia.

WhatsApp with Agent Monitoring and Support?

While leveraging social media as a support tool could be a cheaper and more efficient way that takes advantage of technology to support agents, it does not work for agents who do not have smartphones.

Blankets and wine for financial inclusion – Beyond digital access

In this post, we highlight the need for digital financial service (DFS) providers to invest even more in adapting their products and services for this segment, even in the so-called mature digital economies.