Edward Obiko

Edward Obiko is a Senior Analyst in the Digital Financial Services domain of MSC.

Edward has eight years of experience in digital financial services, product innovations, and web and mobile solution integration. His work involves providing technical assistance and training to financial service providers. Before joining MSC, he worked as a Product Development Officer in the Bank of Africa Kenya (BOA-K). Edward has worked in a wide variety of functional areas, such as operations support, business development, product development, and marketing.

Posts by Edward Obiko

WhatsApp with Agent Monitoring and Support?

While leveraging social media as a support tool could be a cheaper and more efficient way that takes advantage of technology to support agents, it does not work for agents who do not have smartphones.

Blankets and wine for financial inclusion – Beyond digital access

In this post, we highlight the need for digital financial service (DFS) providers to invest even more in adapting their products and services for this segment, even in the so-called mature digital economies.

Digitizing Refugee Payments in Zambia – Meheba 2018

UNHCR Cash-Based Intervention in Meheba refugee settlement in Zambia: The Journey to Digitization.