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The role of mobile money providers and their agents in protecting customers’ data

This Slide Deck is a supplement to the Blog “How Are Mobile Money Agents Protecting Customers’ Data in Uganda?” (December 2022).

Use of electronic vouchers for distribution of relief Part 2

Our blog takes a closer look at the e-voucher implementation system to examine but a few, the different roles played by the actors in the ecosystem to ensure successful implementation, challenges of using electronic vouchers and recommendations to stakeholders on how to address the challenges faced in the implementation process.

Use of electronic vouchers to distribute relief part 1

Digital technology is transforming the way we respond to emergencies. Donors and governments have been forced to turn to more innovative ways to distribute relief aid to reach the last mile as an alternative to physical distribution, especially after COVID-19. Our blog explores the use of electronic vouchers for the distribution of relief, with an emphasis on the benefits of using the e-voucher system over physical distribution of aid.

Responding to COVID-19 in Kenya- A demand-side view from Kenya

MSC conducted research to understand how the low- and middle-income (LMI) segments cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in five countries. This report from Kenya offers a glimpse into their challenges, concerns, and new opportunities in these trying times.