Nancy Kiarie

Senior Analyst

Nancy Kiarie is currently a Manager in MSC Africa’s Digital Finance Services Domain. She has more than eight years of experience in banking and agency network management. Her work focuses on supporting financial institutions deliver market-led financial services to unbanked and under-banked using digital financial services to increase financial inclusion. She has been involved in providing technical assistance and training support to banks, mobile network providers, financial institutions and third-party providers in India, Jordan, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Her areas of expertise include: DFS strategy development, agent network deployment and scale-up, market insights for innovations and design, fraud and risk management, marketing, relationship management and business development.

Posts by Nancy Kiarie

Responding to COVID-19 in Kenya- A demand-side view from Kenya

MSC conducted research to understand how the low- and middle-income (LMI) segments cope with the COVID-19 pandemic in five countries. This report from Kenya offers a glimpse into their challenges, concerns, and new opportunities in these trying times.

Coping with COVID-19 in Kenya

This report offers a glimpse into the remarkable achievements, underlying challenges, and new opportunities amid the COVID-19 pandemic on the low and middle income (LMI) segment in Kenya.

CICO agent training comic on Coronavirus

MSC’s comic booklets on COVID-19 are illustrated narratives that build awareness among CICO agents and their customers during the pandemic. These comics feature rich visual stories to generate awareness, influence precautionary behavior, and drive the safety of agents.

Same problems, same inequalities: Women in the digital gig economy

The digital gig economy in Africa has quickly gained prominence over time and continues to enhance opportunities for youth and women. Some of MSC’s recent research work in Kenya indicates increasing participation of women, especially in the blue-collar digital gig economy though there remains a gender disparity in women’s participation in this sector.

Agent Network Accelerator Research- Democratic Republic of the Congo

The population of the DRC is extremely dispersed in a country with low levels of education, a history of financial shocks, conflict and poor infrastructure. A recent study has shown that, even excluding the population in deep rural areas, only 2.3 million (12%) of the adult population have a bank account [1] . Despite these challenges, the number of […]

Fitting the Pieces of the Liquidity Management Puzzle

This paper is part of a series of synthesis papers that summarise data on agent networks. We have collected the data over four and a half years from nine countries in Africa and Asia through the Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project. This paper synthesizes knowledge and data on liquidity management approaches to ANA research markets […]

Liquidity – Solving Agents’ Perennial Problem

The blog highlights the key challenges to effective liquidity management for DFS agents. It also discusses how the providers may address the issues related to liquidity management

Three Areas DFS Providers Prioritise to Enhance Agent Networks

The blog highlights three areas where Digital finance service providers need to priortise to enhance agent networks.