Jenny Frydrych

Jenny Frydrych is currently working as Strategy Consultant (Telecoms & Digital Finance Sectors) with various boutique 'Mobile for Development' Consulting Firms.

Jenny has worked with MSC as Digital Finance specialist in various projects.

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Partnerships and innovations will be key to reducing liquidity concerns for agents in the DRC

Today’s blog focuses on liquidity management. It uses recent insights from MicroSave Consulting’s (MSC) field study of DFS agent networks in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), which in turn stem from interviews with over 50 agents.

Agent Network Accelerator Research- Democratic Republic of the Congo

The population of the DRC is extremely dispersed in a country with low levels of education, a history of financial shocks, conflict and poor infrastructure. A recent study has shown that, even excluding the population in deep rural areas, only 2.3 million (12%) of the adult population have a bank account [1] . Despite these challenges, the number of […]