Vera Bersudskaya

Policy and Research Consultant

Vera is currently working as an Impact Fellow at Next Wave Impact. One of the driving goals of Next Wave Impact is to increase diversity in angel investing and high growth entrepreneurship.

Vera worked as a Market Insights Manager at MSC, from October 2015 to December 2017. Her experience spans digital transformation, impact investing, access to finance, economic development, education, and gender equality. After leaving MSC, she has worked with PHB Development and Echoing Green as a Consultant. Vera has a track record of international research design and execution to inform policy, business and program strategy and operations in for-profit and nonprofit sectors.

Posts by Vera Bersudskaya

Benchmarking Training and Support by Agent Network Management Model

Adequate training and on-going support are crucial to the success of an agent network. Third paper from the Agent Network Accelerator Capstone Paper series analyses the three Agent Network Management models.

Measuring Risk in Agent Networks – What Risks Are Inherent in Agency Business and How to Track Them

The second paper from the Agent Network Accelerator Capstone Paper series describes the types of risks inherent in agent networks based on research conducted over two waves of the ANA surveys in 11 countries.  

Fitting the Pieces of the Liquidity Management Puzzle

This paper is part of a series of synthesis papers that summarise data on agent networks. We have collected the data over four and a half years from nine countries in Africa and Asia through the Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project. This paper synthesizes knowledge and data on liquidity management approaches to ANA research markets […]

State of Play – Insights on the Evolution of Pakistan’s Mobile Money Agent Network

The blog sums uopo the findings from Agent Network Aceelerator Wave II research.

A first look at Indonesia’s emerging agent network

This blog summarises the key findings of the Agent Network Aceelerator survey in Indonesia. The study aimed to inform relevant DFS stakeholders on the progress and challenges of agent network development.

Agent Network Accelerator Research: Indonesia Country Report 2017

The second wave of the ANA survey in Indonesia builds on the findings of the qualitative assessments of Indonesian agent networks completed in 2014.

Agent Network Accelerator Research – Pakistan Country Report 2017

The second wave of the survey for Pakistan, funded by Karandaaz Pakistan, investigates how Pakistan’s mobile money market has evolved since the previous wave of the study in 2014.

More Than Hygiene – Improving Agent Network Performance to Maximise Profitability

The blog highlights the outcome of Agent Network Accelerator (ANA) project in terms of improving Agent Network Performance to Maximise Profitability.