Doreen Ahimbisibwe

Senior Analyst

Doreen Ahimbisibwe is a Manager in the Banking and Financial Services domain of MSC.

Doreen Ahimbisibwe is a development practitioner and trainer with over a decade of experience in microfinance and retail banking. She has worked with various organizations, such as microfinance institutions, banks, telecoms, and nongovernmental organizations to solve various operational and strategic challenges. Doreen is a certified market researcher, trainer, and e-learning facilitator. Before joining MSC, she was a Personal Banker at the Barclays Bank.

Posts by Doreen Ahimbisibwe

Coping with COVID-19 – A demand-side view from Uganda

MSC conducted a research study to assess what the low- and middle-income (LMI) segments in Uganda understand about COVID-19 in terms of awareness, preventive measures being taken, gender dynamics at play in their households, and the use of digital financial services during this time. We present our findings in this report.

Perspectives on shared agent networks from emerging economies

Shared agent networks help providers to reduce the cost of platform management and maintenance, agent training and monitoring, as well as improved liquidity management – particularly in fully interoperable environments. Read more about how formal and informal shared agent networks are helping to deepen financial inclusion in emerging markets.

The shared agent network in Uganda

The Uganda Bankers Association had launched a shared agent network in the country. Over the years, the network has made progress to ensure the distribution of financial services for banks, including those without agent networks. However, the network still faces challenges that need to be addressed to make the agent banking experience seamless.

The economies have been hit already—we now need palliatives and ultimately cures

An economic pandemic is upon us as the COVID-19 infection continues to spread around world, affecting a billion people from the low-income segment. Our blog looks at why policymakers need a feedback loop of evidence-based information for governments to develop and deploy effective policy measures.

Fintech in Uganda- Implications For Regulation

A wide variety of FinTech firms are emerging globally and indeed, also in Uganda. These firms are offering new products and services underpinned by new technologies. There is much hope that these new approaches to delivering financial products and services offer the potential to bring about benefits to consumers in terms of increased access, speed, […]

Benchmarking Training and Support by Agent Network Management Model

Adequate training and on-going support are crucial to the success of an agent network. Third paper from the Agent Network Accelerator Capstone Paper series analyses the three Agent Network Management models.

Mobile Banking Stumbles on Challenges in the Ugandan Market

Why Ugandan customers continue to queue up at banks when they can use mobile money? We discuss three reasons – high transaction costs, unreliable systems, and preference for human contact.

Anchoring Agent Commissions: How Much is Enough?

How much does an agent need to earn to be satisfied, and stay motivated enough to provide a high quality of service to customers?  Behavioral science teaches us that people anchor their appraisals of value to other numbers around them in the ecosystem. Marketing firms understand this concept well, often enticing us to perceive a […]